Nuremberg Trial & Hitler's Totalitarianism

4IR & Great Reset is THE WORLD WAR III

Klaus Schwab says:

The IoT/Transhumanist Revolution (Totalitarian)

The Great Reset is United Nations SDG

4th Industrial Revolution is Transhumanism

The end of human species

Covid-19 is Bioterrorism

Our proof:

Constitutional & Humanitarian Crisis

Proof of "infection"?

Article 1 (1) “infection” means the entry and development or multiplication of an infectious agent in the body of humans and animals that may constitute a public health risk; International Health Regulations 2005

STEP 1: Right of self-defense

STEP 2: Proof of "infection"

STEP 3: Proof of "bioterrorism"

STEP 4: Civil disobedience


  • Vision
    To stand up for human rights
  • Mission
    Civil disobedience
    1. Constitutional crisis
    2. Humanitarian crisis
    3. Governmental crisis
  • Objective
    1. Natural justice / common law rights
    2. Naturalist Party
    3. Naturalist Constitution
  • Strategy
    1. Blood contamination
    2. Proof of "infection"
    3. Prosecution for "bioterrorism"
  • Action plan
    1. Build community (district level)
    2. Civil disobedience
    3. Statutory notice